Llewellyn Park



Transforming a former landfill site into a community amenity complete with cricket fields and a sports pavilion is one thing. Doing so cost-effectively, with a close auditor relationship and a holistic approach – that’s Tonkin + Taylor’s work for Llewellyn Park in Melbourne’s City of Knox.

The positive transformation started when the client appointed T+T to prepare hydrogeological assessments and reports for the former landfill site. After being used as a low-key dog park, it received a new lease on life; guided by a masterplan with provision for future fitness stations, picnic areas, shelters and pathways.

Despite earlier expectations of extensive mitigation works (i.e. leachate treatment and disposal system, and landfill gas mitigation), the T+T technical team worked closely with the client and adopted a pragmatic data-driven approach considering the cost implications and overall environmental benefits.  The focus was to deliver an outcome that protected the environment whilst keeping costs in check. 

A careful rehabilitation plan, along with an aftercare plan based on extensive monitoring, provided clarity for the auditor and the client. It prompted the client to note,

‘We really appreciate the way you and other Tonkin + Taylor staff we’ve worked with have always been available when we needed advice. This year we’ve made significant progress on investigations at the former landfill sites and that’s mainly due to your input, Sze-Fei. Thank you.”

While the overall satisfying result is testimony to the team’s collaborative relationship with the auditor, it is also testament to the genuine community engagement which enhanced the outcome for all concerned.   As part of the aftercare plan, the team will provide ongoing monitoring and annual compliance reporting. 

Our Emerging Contaminants Committee provides advice on contaminants front of mind to industry and regulators such as PFAS. 

Services provided:

  • Hydrogeological assessment
  • Leachate pumping trials
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Landfill gas pumping trials
  • Landfill Rehabilitation Plan
  • Cap integrity assessment
  • Aftercare Management plan
  • Landfill risk assessment
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Compliance reporting
  • Community consultation

As a panel member with the Municipal Association of Victoria, we are able to provide these services to Councils across Victoria and at pre-agreed rates.