As part of the Wynyard Edge Alliance, Tonkin + Taylor guided the redesign of historical oil terminal properties to serve as syndicate bases for the 36th America’s Cup sailing regatta, along with the construction of breakwaters, inner harbour dredging, wharf renovations, construction of syndicate public access ways, marine/port accessory structures, and services installation.

The project scope expanded to include additional endeavours such as ferry terminal relocation, the Silo Park Extension redevelopment, and the creation of a 1 km main trunk stormwater line and outfall. Despite the project’s conflicting priorities, including a constrained timeline, an immovable deadline, and a challenging budget, the team utilised agile processes with parallel workstreams to deliver results.

Detailed designs were developed in parallel with alternative options to enable changes and optimisation as the project progressed.

Throughout our involvement, Tonkin + Taylor played a vital role in the successful delivery of the project, working closely with the Wynyard Edge Alliance and other stakeholders. Our design, construction, and project management expertise ensured that the historical oil terminal properties were transformed into functional syndicate bases for the 36th America’s Cup regatta. 

Additionally, our contributions to the construction of breakwaters, dredging, wharf renovations, and other infrastructure elements further enhanced the site.

Despite the challenges, the team remained committed to delivering high-quality results while meeting the project’s constraints. The collaborative approach and agile processes allowed for flexibility, effective decision-making, and the successful completion of the project’s objectives.

Overall, the Wynyard Edge Alliance project is a testament to our ability to navigate complex projects and deliver innovative solutions within tight timelines and budgetary limitations.


  • 2021 ACE Award – Gold


  • Collation and summarising of multiple historic contamination investigations documenting impacts of hydrocarbon and chemical releases and gas works reclamation
  • Identification of data gaps and implementation of additional investigations for soil, soil gas, sediment, and atmospheric contamination 
  • Development and implementation of a contamination management strategy
  • Examination of human health and environmental risk
  • Collaboration with the design and construction team to optimise design
  • Documentation of proposed management and liaison with Council to secure consent compliance
  • Monitoring during construction 
  • Preparation of completion reports
  • Significant dredging works and wharf extensions
  • Construction of syndicate public access ways, breakwaters, and marine/port accessory structures
  • Services installation 
  • Preparation of marine ecological assessments to inform resource consents and considered effects on water quality, marine habitats, coastal birds and marine mammals


  • Auckland Council
  • Panuku Development Auckland
  • MBIE


  • 2018-2020

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