Increasing demand on dwindling resources continues to be a major challenge that we face as a civilisation. A sustainable way forward needs imaginative thinking and smart solutions that combine technical and commercial know-how.

With comprehensive expertise that spans the entire waste cycle and backed up by decades of experience in Australia, New Zealand and further afield, Tonkin + Taylor is uniquely placed to help clients address critical issues at every juncture along the process.


  • Waste Strategy

  • Waste Disposal

  • Environmental Management

  • Post-closure options for Landfills


Waste strategy

The management of waste is inherently complex. With an increasing focus on waste reduction and management of recyclable materials this ‘problem space’ is further complicated by ever-changing regulatory constraints. As a subject matter, waste strategy straddles several technical disciplines, a multitude of stakeholders and demands a skilled approach with real world application.

The waste strategy specialists at T+T have the necessary deep understanding of this complex environment. We advise policy makers, local authorities, the waste industry and various institutions and help find answers to vexing questions; or help frame the questions in the first place.

Our varied track record includes concept and procurement strategy, Brisbane City Council Waste Strategy Workshops; solid waste management feasibility study for Rarotonga, Cook Islands; and waste flow modelling training and design for the City of Armadale, WA.

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Our capability includes

  • Circular economy

  • Financial modelling

  • Waste generation modelling



For private operators and local governments alike, any phase of the waste disposal operation can represent an array of competing objectives and regulatory demands.

Whether it’s about maximising the airspace when establishing a new landfill, masterplanning for a whole-of-life approach, delivery of an effective cell or cap design – it’s paramount that the design meets the many unique technical and business requirements.

T+T expertise extends across all aspects of facility planning and design, including associated roles such as expert witness, by drawing on a large pool of multi-disciplinary experts. We go well beyond delivering to a high standard – our specialists become trusted advisors with the breadth of expertise to deliver outstanding technical solutions within the EPA framework.

Our recent local track record demonstrates our technical excellence. It includes the inert landfill design for SBI Cranbourne Quarries, co-design for the South East Melbourne Transfer Station, extensive design and operational support for a range of solid waste management clients including Cleanaway in Victoria, among others.

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Our capability includes

  • Landfill and composting

  • Siting and planning

  • Permitting

  • Masterplanning

  • Cell and cap design


Environmental Management

Regulatory compliance with environmental standards is not only complex but can also be difficult to consolidate with commercial objectives. We help clients meet the necessary requirements and manage risks appropriately with an overarching premise to identify opportunities that save time and cost.

Our team of experts are exceptionally well equipped and experienced to help manage a comprehensive range of issues from gas, groundwater and leachate through to noise, dust and odour with a whole-of-life vision. What sets us apart is our demonstrable success in challenging conventional boundaries and developing a cost-effective solution that’s optimised for the project. We utilise data to refine and streamline your environmental management process at every step of the way.

Supported by extensive in-house expertise, T+T specialists work as partners to develop technical solutions that withstand auditor scrutiny and excel in the real world. The cost-effective landfill transformation into a community asset (Llewellyn Park, City of Knox) exemplifies our approach and indicates what clients can expect.

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Our capability includes

  • Landfill aftercare

  • Landfill gas monitoring and management

  • Groundwater, leachate, stormwater assessment and management

  • Hydrogeological assessments

  • Air quality assessments and monitoring

  • Noise assessment and monitoring

  • Dust management plan


Post-closure options for landfills

The capping and closure of a landfill signals the beginning of a new phase for the asset. However, any opportunity to utilise the space has to withstand EPA scrutiny in terms of rehabilitation and ongoing aftercare management, and often accommodate commercial parameters.

We understand the many underlying factors and leverage our deep cross-sector expertise to help clients evaluate and implement conventional and novel land use options. Our technical assessments are tailored for the project and supported with site-specific engineering and impact reports; the upshot for clients is valuable latitude in the range of possible opportunities.

Our capability encompasses the entire post-closure spectrum, from total aftercare management to cost-effective, practical and safe engineered solutions for commercial, residential and institutional land use or energy precincts. T+T expertise has led to innovative solutions such as Clarke Road landfill which is utilised for gas collection while also undergoing investigation for its potential use as a solar farm. Our expertise has also helped to achieve successful developments by way of buffer zone optimisation.

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Our capability includes

  • Energy precincts

  • Land development

  • Landfill gas risk assessments

  • Gas protection measures

  • Geotechnical engineering/ foundation design

  • Buffer zone assessments

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