Land Development

Land development and population growth go hand-in-hand. However, the development process involves many hurdles, regardless of whether the site in question is greenfield, brownfield, marginal or contaminated.

Developers, consultants, contractors and constructors alike value what Tonkin + Taylor bring to the table. Our multi-disciplinary experience adds value, from the moment a potential site is being evaluated, right until the last phase of a multi-stage development. With readily available support fromT+T Group company Chadwick Geotechnics, we provide a specialist, integrated service offering.

As your skilled and commercially astute engineering partner, we’ll deliver streamlined solutions, navigate the regulatory constraints and help realise your vision.


Areas which we service:

  • Residential (subdivisions, multi-stage developments, suburb-wide developments, and masterplanned communities)

  • Mixed-use developments (residential, commercial and light industrial)

  • Institutional developments (Healthcare, aged care, educational, correctional facilities)

  • Contaminated and industrial land

  • Private property investigation and development

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Residential, commercial and industrial

Our clients are involved in all areas of the sector, be it high-density mixed-use urban precincts, commercial or industrial developments, large scale low-density subdivisions or boutique residential developments. While projects vary in type, size and complexity, they are often beset by ground or groundwater issues that can impact the final product or even its feasibility in the first place.

With comprehensive in-house services including related disciplines such as pavement design, T+T is exceptionally well-placed to get your project ‘out of the ground’. Our solutions address your commercial constraints and drivers; it means we consider risks and opportunities, such as design and construction of shallow and deep services, earthworks and material supply, and groundwater early on in a project.

On marginal sites, our expertise adds substantial value at any stage. Whether the issue is high ground water, previous use as a landfill, a backfilled quarry site or soft soils, our approach will be tailored to the site and constraints in question. This provides for a technically precise and cost-effective response.

Our track record is diverse and includes mid and large-scale subdivisions such as Parklea’s Timbertop Estate or Kaduna Park where T+T’s responsive and nimble approach is a key ingredient for the timely multi-stage development of several hundreds of hectares. High-density developments include MoPo in Moonee Ponds, which required a tailored approach due to the site’s geological diversity, and Melbourne’s Arden Gardens where we addressed variable ground conditions and shallow groundwater.

Examples of commercial and industrial developments includeMelbourne Park Eastern Plaza, and Estate One in Dandenong.

We are members and active participants in industry associations such as the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and the Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE).

Our capability includes

  • Geotechnical engineering

  • Pavement design

  • Contamination assessment

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Pre-purchase below-ground assessment

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Noise and vibration monitoring

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Institutional development: Healthcare, aged care, educational and correctional facilities

The development of land for institutional projects has unique constraints amid strict operational and commercial requirements that need to be met. It’s also a very competitive and highly regulated environment.

T+T works with private, public and not-for-profit clients that develop healthcare, aged care, educational and correctional facilities throughout Australia; they turn to our services during all stages of development, from initial desktop studies to determine feasibility, to on-site support during construction.

Our multi-disciplinary strengths have given rise to many successful projects in this sector. They’re underpinned by a strong understanding of, and experience with, various local authorities and regulatory bodies. This allows us to refine our responses with a view to enhancing cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

Ultimately, T+T becomes a trusted service partner and a virtual extension of the client team. It’s reflected in our enduring client relationships such as Ryman Health who welcomes T+T on board as soon as a new site is being investigated, retaining our services right through to construction.


  • Geotechnical engineering

  • Pavement design

  • Contamination assessment

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Pre-purchase below-ground assessment

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Noise and vibration monitoring

  • Hydrogeology

  • Hazardous materials

  • Landslide risk assessment

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Contaminated land

The requirement for the appropriate remediation of contaminated land can open the door to exciting greenfield and brownfield development opportunities. Astute technical expertise is a critical success factor in determining the most appropriate approach to dealing with contaminated sites.

With five decades of experience in the environmental sector, T+T’s advice has helped many clients bring their ideas to life. We start adding value at the due diligence stage for which we usually prepare a preliminary site investigation to establish potential environmental issues. T+T frequently also undertakes detailed site investigations; often as assessment consultant in the context of a statutory environmental audit. Should remediation of soils or groundwater be required, we develop solutions that are timely, cost-effective and meet regulatory requirements– regardless of the type of contamination.

As experts in our field we find cost-effective solutions with a ‘best-for-project’ mind-set while also satisfying the relevant regulatory requirements. This approach is exemplified by a recently developed program fort he stabilisation of lead in soils to facilitate off-site disposal; this significantly reduced the cost to the client for their development of a former factory site south-east of Melbourne.

We have a reputation of being easy to work with and delivering on our promises. It goes some way to explaining our long-term client relationships which support a multitude of projects, such as the multi-stage, residential subdivisions of Timbertop Estate and Kaduna Park in Melbourne’s South East.

Our capability includes

  • Preliminary and detailed site investigations

  • Soil classification for off-site disposal

  • Risk assessments

  • Soil and groundwater remediation

  • Site assessment for environmental auditing

  • Creative solutions for management of contaminated soil andwater

  • Hydrogeological assessments