Most businesses face numerous evolving challenges as well as the constraints of a very competitive landscape. It calls for a coherent approach to deal with changing regulatory requirements and commercial pressures while meeting increased demand, adapting to new markets, or streamlining operations to lift productivity.

Tonkin + Taylor has a proud history of supporting Australian and New Zealand clients in heavy industry, oil, mining and various consumer manufacturing sectors. With a particular strength in environmental management we are well placed to address environmental compliance issues, develop environmental management systems, provide guidance at feasibility stage and assist with post-closure remediation and rehabilitation.


  • Environmental management systems

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Works approval (new facilities or extension to existing)

  • Environmental auditing

  • Feasibility and ground engineering

  • Post-closure remediation

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Environmental Compliance

The need for businesses to comply with new, existing or anticipated regulations is non-negotiable. That said, you can determine the value you derive from the process.

It makes a case for T+T as your service partner. We of regulatory requirements; we’re also attuned to your commercial challenges and operational constraints. Our team of specialists deliver comprehensive environmental services, from monitoring and impact assessments through to hazardous materials.

In the increasingly important domain of environmental management systems (EMS) T+T will keep you well ahead of the curve. Our credentials include establishing New Zealand’s first accredited environmental programme ISO 14001 and supporting the joint accreditation system for Australia and New Zealand, among other involvement. When we work with your organisation, it means that you can count on a tailored EMS that integrates well with existing systems. What’s more, you’ll derive financial benefits, productivity and performance enhancements along with an enhanced strategic awareness of issues.

Our capability includes

  • Environmental management systems

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Trade waste discharge

  • Stormwater management

  • Air quality management

  • Noise

  • Hazardous materials

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Ecolabelling

  • Environmental auditing


Feasibility and ground engineering

When it comes to realising opportunities, a great deal of weight rests on the initial phase when the feasibility of your vision is investigated or a pre-purchase assessment is required. Ground-based factors are centre stage, regardless of whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield scenario. And given the impact that an assessment can have on your business case, you’ll value the dependability that comes with first-class expert advice.

In instances where brownfield developments involve contaminated land, T+T is well equipped to deliver outstanding expertise in all areas of soil and groundwater contamination. From site investigation and risk assessment to the development of remedial solutions, you’ll find us at the forefront of this discipline delivering practical and optimised solutions that you can rely upon.

We excel in ground engineering disciplines which have been central to our growth. Accordingly, the breadth of our expertise and experience affords our clients a distinct advantage with cost-effective solutions. A comprehensive service offering is delivered by talented geologists and geotechnical engineers.

T+T’s industrial capabilities encompass pavement expertise that has been proven in the most demanding situations – on major arterial infrastructure, heavy duty port facilities, and airports alike. We support clients across the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East with practical and cost-effective solutions that meet their needs.

Our track record includes design of heavy pavements for airports, ports, container storage yards, vehicle proving facilities and intermodal facilities.

Our capability includes

  • Ground engineering

  • Pavement engineering

  • Contaminated land

  • Hydrogeology

  • Pre-purchase assessment


Post-closure remediation

When an industrial site approaches the end of its life-cycle, remediation and rehabilitation efforts need to be consolidated with regulatory obligations, post-closure goals and changing ownership structures. With a great many variables at play, expert assistance is vital.

T+T’s experience in this arena will help you work through complex inter-related issues to deliver streamlined remediation and rehabilitation options. Our multi-disciplinary strengths combine to deliver prudent and practical solutions, from environmental monitoring through to exploring“what-if” scenarios related to subsequent development. We are very well equipped to help clients deal with even the most complex situation. Our extensive experience coupled with a site specific investigation-focused approach gives you real-world solutions that are cost-effective and stand the test of time.

We advise clients in a variety of scenarios including rehabilitation of quarries for residential development, such as the RiverValley project.

Our capability includes

  • Land remediation

  • Hydrogeology

  • Environmental monitoring