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Our team of experienced engineers are equipped with industry leading expertise to understand project requirements and anticipate complexities to ensure that the right investigation techniques are used without compromising the quality of results needed to inform design solutions.

Collecting the correct and accurate information is key and we can offer a range of investigation methodologies for new and existing pavements to assess subgrade conditions and the condition and composition of existing pavements. Our investigations involve working with our clients to understand project needs and outcomes and develop appropriate investigation and laboratory testing programs.

Gaining the right information up front saves time and money in the longer term and eliminates the need for rework and allows our clients to make informed decisions on the best way forward, ensuring that design solutions are reliable, durable and sustainable.

Our services include:

  • Field investigations
  • Test pitting
  • Pavement dippings
  • Asphalt and pavement coring
  • Material testing

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