Where it all began

Now firmly rooted in Australia and with a footprint across the Asia Pacific region, Tonkin + Taylor started in 1959 as a partnership between Ralph Tonkin and Don Taylor in New Zealand. The consultancy flourished, got involved in some of New Zealand’s landmark projects and was soon at the forefront of exporting engineering services, with a focus on South-East Asia.

In 1981 the partnership transitioned to a company structure with a fundamental difference – it was largely owned by employees; a model that continues today with much success.

A new title in the 1990s: “Environmental and Engineering Consultants” formally reflected our changing emphasis and direction.

By the early 2000s, the consultancy had become a dominant force within in its sector, with over 600 staff.

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The evolution of Tonkin + Taylor Pty Ltd

2006 saw the Victorian based Chadwick Group join Tonkin +Taylor. Shared values and an overriding focus on people have combined to give us a solid foundation for our Australian operation. The company’s strong field, laboratory and drilling services have been extended over the past 10 years to include geotechnical and environmental consulting and environmental auditing.

In 2011 two separate businesses were formed with distinct service offerings in mind: Tonkin + Taylor Pty Ltd was established to provide consulting services located in new Southbank premises, and Chadwick Geotechnics for field, laboratory, drilling and land development supervision services from its modern premises in Dandenong South.

From strength to strength

Right from the very beginning, strong and enduring client relationships have been at the core of our growth. In Victoria, our growth has been based on close client collaboration on important projects in the private and public sectors across transportation, energy, land development, waste and industry.

Our locally based project portfolio is diverse and reflects our pedigree - from contaminated land and brownfield developments, notable infrastructure developments like the Victorian Desalination Plant, through to celebrated transport projects including the award-winning Bayswater Grade separation.

If our history is anything to go by, T+T is well set to continue forging a path of success by making a real difference to client projects in Victoria and beyond.