Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Some situations afford us the luxury of a second chance, but when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing there is no such thing.

That’s why our safety philosophy is deeply embedded in our culture. It guides how we operate and it determines our performance.

We gladly nail our colours to the mast by stating our belief that a workplace without accidents, disease or harm is indeed possible; embracing prevention is part of the solution.

Our beliefs are enshrined in our Think Safe, Act Safe and Be Safe philosophy. What's more, they reflect the Vision Zero global campaign which we actively support.

One of the most important distinctions in the arena of health, safety and well-being is that it’s not a destination. Quite the opposite - we’re on a journey of continuous improvement steered by our aspirational goals and values

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Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Our senior team are the foremost leaders of our commitment to our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy. It is our bedrock and we refer to it as our ‘Caring Pathway’. It’s a policy that helps us make continuous improvements. Further, our OHS Management System is certified to the international standard of ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Management Systems in both Australia and New Zealand.

In a nutshell: we’re about ensuring that everybody goes home healthily and safely every day.

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Our commitment to health & safety in practice: Leading from the top

The old adage that actions speak louder than words applies to an initiative by T+T Group Managing Director, Doug Johnson. He engineered and led a roadshow to encourage a free and frank discussion about workplace health and safety across all offices in Australia and NZ. In 24 overwhelmingly successful interactive sessions he delivered the message that health and safety truly is everyone’s responsibility. He did so in a disarmingly engaging manner that resounded across T+T and beyond.

This roadshow neatly demonstrates our genuine dedication to the cause and our willingness to do what it takes.

Spotlight on wellbeing

Our aim is simple: a high standard of well-being of all staff in all locations. This is underpinned by a uniform ‘One Company’ approach that encompasses workshops and diverse learning opportunities. The recently launched annual ‘Wellbeing Programme’ features quarterly topics, such as physical health, mental health or nutrition. Some of those programmes are aligned with social club events which boosts both their reach, popularity and effectiveness.

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