Timbertop and Kaduna Residential Developments



Some projects neatly demonstrate the value of a strong and enduring client relationship. The large Timbertop and Kaduna residential estates, developed by market leader Parklea, are among them. Being brought to life with the help of Tonkin + Taylor expertise, they are the most recent projects to come out of this trusted client-advisor relationship.

The first stage of the Kaduna Park residential subdivision shows a glimpse of what’s in store for this 450-hectare land holding in Officer, south-east of Melbourne. Parklea is transforming the pastoral site into a vibrant residential subdivision - 760 lots for starters.

The development is being carried out with integrity and with a focus on delivering quality. It echoes the developer’s approach for another current project in Officer; the multi-stage Timbertop development on sprawling land previously used for dairy farming, orchards and pottery manufacturing.

Quality developments of this size demand reliable and timely professional advice right from the start. Thus, and with a long-standing track record that spans many Parklea projects, T+T was called upon to assist with geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological expertise and pavement design; T+T group company, Chadwick Geotechnics, provided soil analysis and drilling services.

What contributes to the ongoing success of this relationship? First and foremost, a responsive and nimble approach to deal with unforeseen issues without incurring time or cost penalties. For example, a comprehensive investigation helped to demonstrate the suitability of a section of land with shallow groundwater conditions. In a similar vein, T+T developed a host of solutions, including environmental remediation and pavement design, which contributed to the timely and cost-effective delivery of these projects.

It goes to show that a commitment to best-for-project solutions, as part of an open and honest approach, is the quintessential ingredient of value and trust, and the foundation of enduring relationships.

Services provided:

  • Soil sampling
  • Interpretation of laboratory results for various phases of works
  • Drilling and soil laboratory services
  • Infield soil testing
  • Hydrogeological interpretation of groundwater parameters and levels
  • Environmental site investigations
  • Project management
  • Pavement design