What makes Melbourne irresistible to geotechnical engineers

What makes Melbourne irresistible to geotechnical engineers
Roger Olds - Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineers like Roger Olds and David Glover are passionate and enthusiastic about the geology of Melbourne and the Yarra Delta. It shines through in a 47-second T+T video released earlier this year.

When you watch it, you’ll learn that the geological history of this area is quite different to Europe or New Zealand. In fact, South Melbourne and the Yarra Delta is backfilled with marine silt.

But what really keeps geotechnical engineers on their toes is the variability in strength they encounter. “We’ve got Coode Island Silt ranging from 20 kPa strength right through 100 MPa rock, and everything in between,” says Chris Boyd, Team Leader – Geotechnical.

“It makes it challenging and fun,” he quips.

Engineers who aren’t getting enough of either – challenges or fun – would be well advised to look at career options with T+T in Melbourne. You’ll encounter opportunities galore and quite possibly the best company you’ll ever work with.