Why exciting times are ahead for Victoria and T+T

Why exciting times are ahead for Victoria and T+T
Sze-Fei Peng - Principal Environmental Engineer

Tim Chadwick, Roger Olds, Chris Boyd and Sze-Fei Peng agree that Melbourne is the place to be … especially in terms of infrastructure opportunities. 

In a recently released video they share their views and predict that a wave of projects is about to hit Victoria.

And their opinions carry some weight.

As leaders of the Australian T+T operation and with well over 100 years of experience between them, they certainly have their fingers on the pulse. What they feel is a very lively heartbeat of infrastructure growth in Victoria!

Tim, Roger, Chris and Sze-Fei are particularly excited about the prospects for T+T and what they bring to the table. Focusing on people, environmental know-how and adding value to big projects is just the start.

Check out the video below.