Sustainability Policy


Our Purpose: Our people, through their leading expertise, create a legacy of outstanding value for our clients, our environment, and our communities.

This Sustainability Policy sets out our aspirations, commitments, and actions to respond to the global and local sustainability challenges facing our natural environment and society. It will support us in credibly delivering on Our Pathway (Purpose and Values) and demonstrating our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals in our own operations and through the work we do with our clients. We will be updating the Policy as we develop and implement our strategic response in each of our three impact areas.

Our greatest impacts are in the following three areas:

  • Provision of targeted sustainability services for our clients
  • Our ability to deliver sustainable outcomes across all our projects
  • Our people, communities, and the footprint of our operations

In this policy we consider how our collective actions can reduce negative impacts and maximise positive impacts in each of these areas.

Sustainability services

Our expertise includes sustainability strategy and reporting, along with understanding and managing specific challenges within sustainability, including climate change adaptation and resilience, environmental management systems, natural hazards and disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, and water quality. We are committed to ensuring that our people remain at the forefront of approaches to respond to these challenges, and provide strategic, long-term thinking for our clients and our communities.

Delivering sustainable outcomes on all our projects

Through our portfolio of projects, we can influence all aspects of sustainability.

T+T aspires to work with clients that have aligned values and sustainability objectives. We choose projects and clients where our advice will be taken on board, such that our involvement will leave the environment and communities better off.

In addition to providing our clients with the best technical advice and solutions, we are committed to building the ability of all our people to consider the wider context and potential impacts of each and every project. This includes considering the details of the project across its lifecycle, as well as the systemic view of how our contribution might positively influence other sustainability outcomes connected to the project.

Internal sustainability

T+T is committed to ‘walking the talk’ and integrating sustainability into how we operate.

We are implementing a wide range of sustainability initiatives to minimise our environmental footprint, support our people and communities, and enhance our natural environment.

Areas of our operations that we are targeting include:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Reducing consumption and practicing sustainable procurement
  • Looking after the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people
  • Creating an inclusive and diverse team
  • Contributing to the next generation of technical specialists
  • Playing an active role in developing our profession
  • Contributing to our local communities.